Can AppCake replace Installous? Best choice for now

Can AppCake replace the Installous?

According to the latest information, Hackulous officially closed, Installous and AppSync now gone. The caused for this close down is the group has faced many difficulties in the operating stage and censorship. However, those who are use "illegal" applications on iOS also do not need to worry about it and they can select Appcake as an alternative

To install Appcake, the user should perform the following steps:

1. The iPhone needs to be jailbroken.
2. Go to Cydia.
3. Choose Manage / Source.
4. Click "Add" button.
5. Enter address.
6. Cydia will start the update, wait a bit.
7. When Cydia update is completed, click on the "search" and install Appcake.

So you can access and install a lot of compelling applications on the iPhone from Appcake without paying a cent. Goodluck

Updated #1: HiPStore - Just another best Installous replacement
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